The Birthday and then Home for Me

mom and son

We started Saturday with baking the birthday girl’s cake!  After it was done and cooling, we all went to the roller skating rink.  My two granddaughters and my grandson were thrilled to be there!  The only one who can really skate is the birthday girl though, so I spent a lot of time walking along the rink wall trying to keep my grandson upright.  It was his first time on skates.  He loved it!  Every time he fell, he laughed.  Every time he made it around to the carpet where he had to “walk” back to an opening so that he had room to “skate” in the correct direction, he smiled.  He bumped into people.  He grabbed people.  He flung himself into the wall.  He wanted desperately to be in the middle with the real skaters, like his biggest sister.  Unfortunately, he broke his glasses and one of the skates in the process!  I’d never seen anyone break roller skates before.  We looked down and the wheels and the rubber stopper thing were off and laying on the floor!


It won’t be long until the middle child will be out in the middle skating too.  She’s getting more and more comfortable on skates.  That is, she’ll be in the middle soon if she wasn’t traumatized too much by this trip.  A girl skated over to where I was standing with our little red-head and proceeded to tell my sweetheart that she had pushed her.  Sweetheart was totally shocked!  Turning to me for help, I said to the other little girl “Darlin’, I’m really sorry that happened.  Sweetheart didn’t realize that she had pushed you.  She didn’t mean to.  She’s just learning to skate.”.  I could tell that was not enough for the little girl, but it was enough to send my little Sweetheart into tears as soon as the other girl skated away.  She was ruined for hours.  She didn’t skate anymore and she barely ate lunch.  I told her that everyone bumps and pushes and doesn’t even realize it when they are learning.  It was an accident and it was OK.  The little girl was OK.  I think her dad’s hug helped more than my words of reassurance.  (That’s her brother in the background).

Shortly after the incident, the birthday girl came over and said that she was hungry and ready to go eat lunch.  At that point, their dad and I said a little prayer of thanks and gathered up the kids, shoes, skates and jackets and hit the door for the great outdoors.  The birthday girl decided that she wanted go to TGI Fridays because she’d never been there before.  Once there, she picked ribs, because she’d never eaten them before.  I just want to pause a moment here and say that I love her sense of adventure!  I hope she carries this into all phases of her life as she grows older! 

After lunch, we went home and frosted the cake.  Then the birthday girl got to open her gifts and blow out her candles.  She said that her cake was “awesome!” and later told me that she’d had the best birthday ever!  I gave her a big hug when I heard that.  I also told her that the best gift I could have gotten for my own birthday was for her to have a great birthday!  Made me feel good. 

I was ready to come on home this morning.  Too much travel and too much time away.  It was good to be there and I wouldn’t have traded it for anything, but it’s good to be home.  This is the photo I took on the way home: 


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  1. charlane says:

    oh…so sorry about the cry, but skating is difficult to master. but the day sounds fantastic

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