Postcrossing Cards of Late

I can tell by the stack of postcards on my desk that it’s been a while since I’ve shared the ones I’ve gotten with you.  What can I say?  The last several weeks have been busy around here as I’m sure it has been there at your house.  Without further ado:

This one is from Irina in Russia.  She has two daughters.  The oldest is in school in Moscow.  To me, this postcard looks very festive!  Maybe it’s because of the time of year that it arrived.  I don’t know.  I do know that I like it very much. 

This one is from Japan and is to celebrate the Japanese New Year.  2011 is the year of the rabbit in the Chinese zodiac.  I love the watercolor look to this card!

I don’t get many postcards from the United States and I don’t get to send many to places in the U.S.  This one was sent from Paul in Oakland, CA on New Year’s Eve 2010.  I love for them to put the date on the card.  I always do this too. 

This one is from Shannon in St. Louis, MO.  Another from the U.S.  It was mailed in early December and she talks of putting up her Christmas tree and it being cold there. 

This is one of my all time favorites that I’ve gotten so far!  It’s from Nora in Berlin.  She says that it is part of the remaining Berlin wall (to remember the times when the  full wall was standing).  Graphic artists have painted the portions that remain.  This postcard shows one of the most famous parts of the remaining wall.  The car is a Trabi, the car that was sold most in the former East Germany.  She says that they were only allowed to have certain cars and there were not many to choose from. 

This postcard is from Logan in Seattle, WA.  He says he was born in Waco, TX which isn’t all that far from me.  He’s a big Mariner’s baseball fan, so we have a natural rivalry since I’m a Texas Rangers fan. 

 This one was sent from Ana in Portugal.  It is a photo that was in the “Exploration Du Monde” near her home.  I believe the photographer of this postcard is Jean-Louis Mathon.  Isn’t it wonderful?  Makes me want to start going to more photo exhibits and get postcards at each one to send off or possibly keep.

This card is from Marianne in Holland.  She actually sent a letter with her card inside of the envelope.  Her name is spelled like a dear friend who passed a few years ago and she wrote her letter to me on my birthday! 

This one is from Nurnberg.  The sender sent a very sweet wish for me to have a great year.  I love this postcard.  I love towns like this anyway.  I would love to be there exploring it all now. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed my most recent postcards from my postcrossing friends.  I know there were a lot of them this time.  I’ll try to post them more often so there aren’t so many to look over at once. 

Much love.

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  1. Chris says:

    Love the post cards! How does one get in on this “postcrossing cards”?

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