My Sacred Places

1/18/11 #1

I have two places in my bedroom that are sacred places to me.  I guess the first one would be classified as an alter to some of my loved ones who have passed on before me.  It is beside my computer screen, so I see it all the time.  I do not take it for granted.  You may think I’m a crazy woman, but I occasionally talk to the women in the photos here.  The one in the frame is my friend Marianne.  I lost her first.  The one in the jar is my sister, Teresa.  I lost her just last April.  The wound has not totally healed from her passing, but it is much better. 

  • in her jar, with her photo, is a necklace that I made and she bought
  • there are also some marbles that were given to me at her funeral in the jar
  • on top of the jar are painted rocks that say: loved, spirit and OK and an eraser that had been in my bag.  When I took it out, it had a heart on it 
  • around the frame and jar, are more rocks with words painted: simple things, use kind words, live this moment, choose happiness, be kinder than necessary
  • two of the rocks have words engraved into them: Joy and Courage
  • there is a thick Sodalite cross bead
  • an elephant ring holder that Teresa had as a child holds my wedding ring when it’s not on my finger
  • and a mixed-media art item that says “Some days there won’t be a song in your heart.  Sing anyway.”

1/18/11 #2

This is the base of a swing arm lamp beside my side of the bed.  I have important (sacred to me) things on it also.  They are:

  • a feather touchstone that I bought
  • heart-shaped rocks that I’ve found, I’ve bought and that have been given to me (this is not my full collection of them!)
  • a ring and some earrings that belonged to Teresa that I wear sometimes
  • a rock that has Peace engraved into it
  • a rock that I just liked the feel of and decided to keep long before I ever found my first heart-shaped rock
  • and a rock that has “I am enough” painted on it

These are my sacred places inside my home.  Do you have sacred places in your home?  Would you like to share them with us?  Or maybe share something else?  It’s list it Tuesday over at artsyville.  Join in with us by leaving a comment on her blog posting.  Hurry though, she’s decided that this is the last week for her lists.

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2 Responses to My Sacred Places

  1. charlane says:

    i have some places where i keep my mother’s things and i wear her bracelets often.

  2. Chris says:

    I have places like this in my house as well. Beside my bed, on a jelly cupboard by the backdoor, over the kitchen windowsill. Each are different but all remind me of people, places or things that are important to me. Thanks for sharing this Sharon. Love the photos.

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