Photo for Saturday and one from Yesterday too


You have to go outside to get to my laundry room, which is attached to the house, but you can’t get to from inside.  I sure wish I had helped my dad design this place!  As I was headed out to wash a load of towels this afternoon, I thought I heard someone walking toward me.  Then I realized it was just the leaves rustling in the trees.  That may be hard to understand, but I think the sound was similar to someone walking through the leaves and that is a familiar sound around here too.  I am not a leaf raker.  It would be a futile activity around here.  There are way too many trees on too many acres to even contemplate such a thing.  They fall and then I let nature take its course as to the leaves becoming compost.  When I heard the rustling sounds this morning, I decided right then that my photo today would be of the leaves still in the trees.  I took several shots of them, but still decided on this one that shows very few.  The reason being is that this shot also shows a few berries (look really close) that the birds eat.  It shows the wild way the trees, bushes, briars and other things grows in a twisted mangled mess here.  We don’t tame most of it because when it’s fully green, there are all kinds of hiding places for birds and other critters.  I’m sure it’s not visually pleasing to city folk, but I love it. 

Here is the other photo I wanted to share from yesterday.  I’m not sure, but I think if you click on it to enlarge it, the pink spot to the far left may be heart-shaped.  I can’t wait to see myself!  It has a nice flare, regardless.

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2 Responses to Photo for Saturday and one from Yesterday too

  1. Anyes says:

    Love the tree photograph…Keep going 🙂

  2. charlane says:

    great job with that flare and i see the little pink heart cloud

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