Beau-ti-ful Day!


You may not remember that I’m taking an online class.  It’s the Winter Dream Lab: Gifts of Imperfection that I first read about on Andrea’s blog Superhero journal.  She and Jen Lemen are the heart and soul behind Mondo Beyondo.  They brought the amazing Brene Brown to us for the Winter Dream Lab. 

So far, I feel that I’ve already worked through a lot of the things we’re covering, but I have to tell you that I love Brene!  She makes me want to move in with my brother-in-law, niece and nephews so that I can enroll in the University of Houston and take her classes.  I wouldn’t even care if the classes would help me toward anything I wanted to end up getting a degree in because I think her classes would help with life and therefore anything and everything I went on to do in my life.  Finding this woman’s teachings has made me wish I was much younger so that I could learn this stuff earlier and possibly save myself some heartache along the way or at least later in life. 

Our exercise for today was to come up with a personal mantra and then to find a creative way to express our mantra.  (I pulled out my paints and my one and only canvas.  I’ve never painted on a canvas before!)  Maybe I’m taking the easy way out, but the only mantra that has been reverberating through my soul for the last year and several months is “I AM ENOUGH!”.  There is nothing more to it than that.  I wish I had learned it years ago.  I think, actually, that all girls know this when they are born, but we forget it or it’s beat out of us.  In my case, I started to listen to people who told me I was not enough for this or that.  And, damn it to hell, for some reason, I believed them!  I don’t know why.  Maybe it was because of the age I was at the time they told me I wasn’t enough.  Maybe it was because my dad wasn’t a daily figure in my life (although he’s one of the people who made me believe I was not enough).  Maybe is was because I was molested.  Maybe it’s because I was raised in an age when you believed every word an adult said to you regardless of the BS that came out of some of their mouths.  I don’t know.  I just know that I am not alone.  It’s a problem with our nation’s girls.  They need to be reminded — constantly — that they are indeed enough — just as they are.  They need to be told that they are smart enough and pretty enough and thin enough and good enough.  They are enough of anything and everything that anyone could possibly want or need.  They can do and be anything on God’s green earth they want to be or do as long as they are willing to work hard for it. 

Hug a girl today and tell her that she is special. Tell her to follow her dreams no matter how many people tell her that she can’t do whatever her dreams are. That you know she can do it just because she wants to do it! Tell her that she is enough just the way she is and not to ever let someone tell her that she’s not.  

Hugs, Sharon

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2 Responses to Beau-ti-ful Day!

  1. Anyes says:

    You are right, Sharon…So many wrong messages were and are given to young girls regardless of their generation. We heard it and keep hearing it and it’s a shame!

    I am glad you found this class that is helping you now and even if you think it might have saved you heartaches had you only started earlier, now is when it will be the most beneficial to you. Hugging YOU, Sharon 😉

  2. pamq says:

    Amen to all of that!!!

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