Postcrossing Time!

I’m getting postcards from folks now who aren’t members of Postcrossing because they know I like postcards!  It’s lots of fun, but can get a little confusing as to which ones to share with you.  One I shared last time wasn’t actually a Postcrossing card to me.  It was a thank you postcard to me for sending a postcrossing card to someone else!  I wasn’t expecting that!    The thank you card is the one with rabbits from Japan shown here

I can’t really make out the writing of where this card is from.  It may be Guangzhou, or that could be my misinterpretation of it.  She says that it was a warm shiny day when she was writing the card.  She’s hoping I am enjoying a beautiful moment.  She is not used to such a cold season, but when it comes, to just appreciate the amazing nature.  Beautiful way with words, huh? 

This is from Svetlana and she lives in Moscow, Russia!  After I got my first Christmas postcard, I went to the Postcrossing site and added that I would love to have holiday postcards.   This is the next one I got.  Isn’t it beautiful?  I love the Christmas ornaments on it.  They look like ones that I would try to find and buy or that I may have now.  Love them.  I even took a photo of the stamps on this one for you.  I love the Santa stamp!  Maybe I’ll take photos of the stamps more often.  They are often as intersting  as the postcards. 

This card of the Chicago Harbor lighthouse is from Doug.  He said that he’d save me the long winded narrative that he usually puts on his overseas cards since he didn’t know if I had been to Chicago or not.  I wish he had shared it with me.  I have not been to Chicago.  I’ve actually been to very few places in the States or out of the States for that matter.  I do know this.  I love this lighthouse!  I’ve had a fondness for lighthouses since living in Biloxi, Mississippi while my hubby was stationed there during his Air Force enlistment.  One of things I never think of when I’m writing a “bucket list” is to spend the night in a lighthouse.  I think this is one of the best ones I’ve seen in a long while. 

Unfortunately, I’m having a really hard time trying to read some of the writing on this one.  They tell me their name (twice) and it looks to me like it is Bror or maybe Brar.  He says it means “brother” in — something else I can’t make out, dang it!  So, let’s get to what I can make out.  This card if from southern Finland.  He says the card shows some of the handcrafts that are popular in the area he lives.  That handicrafts played an important role in the old days because many islands could be isolated for many months during severe winters.  I love this card because it shows something I’ve wanted to learn to do for ages!  Spin wool into yarn and then knit with it. 

This is from Petra in the Netherlands.  She says she lives in Beltrum in a region called Achterhoek in the province of Gelderland.  She said that Achterhoek is an agricultural region. 

This one here was sent from Los Angeles, California.  Steve is a teacher there.  Hip, hip, hurray for teachers everywhere!!!  I tell you, there is no way that teachers can ever be paid what they are worth.  They make a big impact on the lives or our children and therefore our country every single day that they work.  I love them all!  Even the ones I hated when I was in school myself. 

This is from Kasia.  She lives in a small village in Poland.  She says that there are a lot of storks in her country and a lot in her village too.  That when she sees them return each year, she knows that spring is near.  That makes her happy.  She doesn’t like winter.

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  1. pamq says:

    I agree—you better start showing the stamps, too!

    Love Santa.

    And the moose isn’t bad, either……

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