A Little Slice of Life

I live in a rural area and near a lake.   A lot of people move to this area when they retire.  On the weekends, people come here from surrounding larger cities to get away from it all and have a little fun, maybe to rest and relax.  During those times and others times when city folk may be here, some of the locals put out their wares along the highways and byways trying to make a little extra money on which to live and make it another month.  Actually, some of the folks can be found out there daily. 

1/29/11 #1

I have two photos for today.  They are of the same place — taken as soon as my camera would focus again, while I was the passenger in a moving car.  This is one of the little roadside areas that folks are selling things from, in my neck of the woods.  In the first photo, there is a little food tent set up and some men are looking over the menu on a dry erase board.  Over toward the middle and right side of the photo there are hand crafted cedar items for sale, along with what looks like some used furniture.  A man and woman are talking also. 

1/29/11 #2

In photo number two, we see a gentleman who is  selling his sweet potatoes.  As you can see, it’s another beautiful day.  It’s warm again too.  It’s supposed to get into the upper 70’s (degrees) again today.  The last weather forcast I heard said we’ve also got a 50% chance of thunderstorms later this evening and a chance of rain through at least Tuesday.  So, I’m trying to enjoy every minute of this lovely sun and blue sky.  Sorry the photos aren’t more artistic today, but I wanted to share a slice of life down here near the lake.

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  1. pamq says:

    Noticed the DWI/Drugs and Foreclosure signs behind the sweet potato man…..

    Perhaps not the best advertising?!?

    oh, dear.

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