I’ve Been Playing with Paint Again


This painting started life as a postcard made from one of my photos.  It shows our dogs Elly (the long-haired black German Shepherd, now deceased) and Barkley (the short-haired white German Shepherd) as a puppy.  We still have him.  Elly is giving Barkley a little motherly type love before she realizes that he’s going to be living here forever and that she’s really not happy about that situation.  She so dominated him, that he peed every time she looked at him.  He was a miserable little fellow while she was alive. 

I’ve loved every animal I’ve ever had, but I really loved Elly.  She is in the top two all time best dogs I’ve ever had.  She was a wonderful guard dog for a family.  Very protective and gentle with humans.  Just way too dominating with other dogs.  After all of our older dogs passed (we had three when we got her, she dominated them too, from the age of 8 weeks old), we should have never gotten another dog until she passed.  Life would have been easier for all of them, and for us.  I do miss her. 

This little painting is not finished.  The paint is too globby in places and to streaked in others.  The original photo had a horrible background.  One that I not only hated, but that embarrassed me with all of its clutter.  I would have never taken a photo with all that mess in the background if such a darling thing hadn’t happened in front of it.  So, I decided to try to change the background.  First, I used a little sand paper to scuff up the finish of the postcard.  Just on the background, not on the dogs.  I used a paintbrush to brush the dust off from sanding it.  Then I started painting.  I didn’t really mean to put the paint on so thick.  I may sand some of it off.  After all, I’m experimenting.  I’ll show y’all another photo when it’s finished.  Until then, I’m going to have some fun with it.

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2 Responses to I’ve Been Playing with Paint Again

  1. pamq says:

    You are getting so brave!

    Do you think some of it will rub off on me?!?

    I like the thick texture of the paint………

  2. birdie says:

    Sharon, oh wow. This is quite impressive! Great job! And I loved to read the story that goes behind. Have a wonderful day, hugs!

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