February, Finally

I didn’t think January would ever end!  It felt so long this year.  I was so looking forward to yesterday.  I started looking forward to it by about mid-month.  Well, the problem with the end of January is the beginning of February!  February has been a rough month for me since moving here.  It is normally a very dark month in this house of cedar logs.  I remember in the early years of living here, I would stand at the window — looking out at the drive way, the “back yard” and all the trees — praying for something to lift my spirits.  That the dark would pass and God would show me the light, that He would show me something to cheer me on.  Then a beautiful male cardinal would fly into a tree in front of me.  He would sit and sing.  Maybe fluff up his feathers.  Sometimes his mate would fly over to him and he would feed her a black hulled sunflower seed.  Such tenderness he showed her with that act of feeding a seed to his love, his mate.  I always said a prayer of thanks. 

Thankfully, February doesn’t usually affect me as badly now as it did then.  I know that I need to get into the sunlight more and out of the house.  I need to be around color at this dark time of year.  I try to become more creative.  I’ve learned so much about myself in the 20 plus years that we’ve lived here.  This is not the house I would have chosen for myself, but I have adapted to it as best I can at this point and I continue to try to adapt to it more so that I can be even happier here.    I’m thinking of painting the ceiling downstairs white.  They are unfinished pine now and have been since the house was built.  I think the white would help with the dark feeling in February. 


It is extremely cold today in our area.  We are luckier here than they are in Dallas and farther north though.  They got a lot of rain, sleet, icy streets, a little snow and a lot of traffic headaches to go with their very low temperatures.   We only got the low temperatures, lots of rain and some sleet.  Our roads down here are pretty clear, from what I can hear, although the traffic is lighter down here too.   I’m staying put, so the road conditions don’t matter much to me.  My hubby’s office put him up in a hotel downtown so that he’d be at work tonight.  My dogs are confused by my not going outside with them.  There is sleet frozen on the walkway and the wind is bitter, the water in their bowl is frozen also.  I’m staying in as much as possible.

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  1. pamq says:

    I saw on the national weather map tonight how cold you were!

    Thought you must be an ice ball by now!!!


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