I Confess, I’m a Cold Weather Wimp

It is definitely cold here.  It is also relative to where you live or are from, I guess.  I’m sure if you live in Alaska or Siberia, what Texas is going through right now, is nothing.  I would tend to agree with you.  It just goes to prove to me that even though I have often day dreamed of moving to Alaska, I really could not handle the cold (or the dark months!) even though I know I would have more appropriate clothing for the climate than I have for this mess we’re enduring right now. 


I’m spending a lot of time in bed, under two quilts and a doubled flannel sheet, all of which are on top of the cotton sheets.  I’m wearing a long-sleeved night-shirt, silky type long john pants and socks.  I have a heating pad handy for my knee (it happens to warm a lot of my body at the same time), a purple Snuggie that my momma gave me for Christmas and several things to keep me occupied.  The TV remote, two books to read (both of which I’m half way through) and my sudoku puzzle book along with my pencil bag that has my pencil sharpener and a good eraser in it.   My bedroom seems colder than the rest of the house.  I swear I can feel a breeze in here! 

It sounds like I may have photos of snow to share with you tomorrow, but today, you just get to see what my life it like at this moment.  I know it’s boring, but that’s what I’m like right now.  Just a boring cold weather wimp in central Texas.

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One Response to I Confess, I’m a Cold Weather Wimp

  1. pamq says:

    I’d say that looks like a pretty good place to hibernate!

    But I would have to add magazines to the pile………….

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