The Snow did Come


We got 4 and a half inches of snow.  I measured it myself.  I used one of my quilting rulers to do it with.  Trust me, I know how to read the ruler.  Four and a half inches of the ruler are buried in the snow.  I have other photos to share with you today too.  Just pretty shots of the snow on the limbs of tree branches, of our yard and the bird bath. 

I’m sure if you are a football fan or sports fan of any kind or if you’ve even seen the news lately, you may have seen segments on the up coming Super Bowl that will be played in Dallas this Sunday.  This weather has sure thrown everyone a curve.  We haven’t experienced weather this bad since 1990, I believe it was.  So, we sure weren’t expecting to have it roll in right before this big game.  I feel bad for all the businesses who have invested so much on game related merchandise that may not be sold because the weather has kept people away. 

Today, ice and snow fell off of Cowboys Stadium injuring 5 people, one of them critically.  I do not mean to make light of this situation, but when I heard about it, I had this image of Jerry Jones as the mayor from the town where Jaws takes place saying that a small shark was indeed caught and the waters were now safe, to come on out  and swim.   I’m hoping that we get above freezing tomorrow, that all of this melts off and we have a good showing for the game.  I may even watch it myself, which will be a first in many years.  I’ve already got my chips and salsa waiting.

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One Response to The Snow did Come

  1. pamq says:

    Maybe you could go out and make a snow angel????

    That would make a good photo………..

    I’ll be “watching” the game….more like I will be watching the commercials. And drinking a beer {with olives} and eating homemade taco salad. Yum!

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