Apparently, I miss a lot


I was writing yesterday’s post while I was watching the Super Bowl.  I thought I saw it all, but apparently, I missed a lot.  I just watched this full length version of an HEB commercial on youtube that showed during the game and I did not see it during the game.  I love the song!  It’s lots of fun.  I would even download this puppy!  I hope you’ll watch it and enjoy it too.  Every single word in the song is true, except that I do believe you can indeed spell Texas without HEB.  They may have been stretching things a might there and going for a feeling instead of actual grammar type stuff.

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2 Responses to Apparently, I miss a lot

  1. charlane says:

    i missed some commercials during the game too. but i had a great time – hope you did too

  2. pamq says:

    Well, I missed that one also!

    And I pretty much only got up and left the room only when they were playing football……

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