Little Stinker!


My grandson has been a little stinker lately!  He is 7 and is autistic.  As I’ve said in the past, I think it is fairly mild autism in his case, possibly Asperger’s Syndrome.  Actually, I don’t know if Asperger’s is considered mild autism, but that’s what I think he has.  Anyway, my sweet grandson started wearing glasses about a year ago.  To say that he is rough on them is an understatement!  It seems that every other week he has popped out a lens and lost the screw, flattened one or the other of the ear pieces out to the sides, bent the frames all wamper-jawed or something equally damaging.  Last weekend, he flushed them down the toilet!  When his father asked him why he did such a thing, he answered that he wanted new ones!  What a little stinker! 

Grandson has also been hiding his backpack off and on for the last month or so, in hopes of not taking it to school.  This week, he took it another step.  His school uses an “agenda” system to update parents.  On his, he gets smily or frown faces plus written updates explaining the face on a daily basis.  When he gets a frown face, he’s punished and doesn’t get to play computer games at home.  So, my grandson decided if he didn’t take his agenda to school, he wouldn’t get a frown face and he’d be able to play on the computer.  Monday morning, my son signed grandson’s agenda, put it in the folder, put the folder in his backpack, gave it to him and told him to go get in the car.  Then my son went through the house making sure all the bedroom doors were shut so that the dogs wouldn’t get in there while they were gone for the day.  He then went to the car and took the kids to the babysitter.  Later the babysitter took the kids to school.  When she got them there, grandson started to cough and said he was sick and couldn’t go to school.  She told him that it did sound like he may still have a bit of a cough from his cold last week, but he wasn’t sick any longer and he could go to school.  He then told her that he didn’t have his agenda so he couldn’t go to school.  She asked where it was and he told her at home.  Of course the sitter told my son this when he picked up the kids.  Grandson got in trouble for this also.  Come to find out, that grandson had taken his agenda out of his backpack, out of his folder, and stuck it under the couch then ran to the car and buckled up while his dad was going through the house that morning!  What a little stinker!  Really though there is something to be celebrated here for an autistic child — he’s showing an aptitude for deductive reasoning!  He was really behind when he started school.  I am very excited and proud that he’s catching up and acting more like an average child at this age and the deductive reasoning has me celebrating.  His dad isn’t quite there yet, but I’m hopeful. 

The photo shows just the little smattering of snow/sleet we got today.  Hurray!  It wasn’t more than that.  Dallas was apprently hit worse than they expected.

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