Wild Hog Holes?


It appears that baby and small hogs are getting into (and usually out of) my fenced yard more often than I realize.  In the past, we might have seen a little of the digging that is visible in this photo from other animals such as an armadillo, but never as large a hole as the one pictured here or as many as in this picture.  So far, nothing large has been seen in the fenced yard although our neighbor has caught several large hogs on the back of our property in traps.  My hubby has seen our dogs chase 2 small hogs in the yard.  They seem to chase something almost every time we let them out at night.  Once I saw a bunny run for its little life, so I know it’s not always a hog. 

When we walked to the middle property to take the close up photos of the tractor barn doors, we noticed a lot of evidence of hog digging also.  It’s advisable to watch were you walk on our place now or you may step in one of these holes and break an ankle!  I fear that in the back, there could be large wallows (I read they can be 3 feet deep!) that could damage a vehicle.  I need to go back there very soon, with the big guns locked and loaded, just in case I run into large wild hogs.  I hear they can be real mean.  (If you enlarge this photo, I believe some of the “holes” are actually hog foot prints.)

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  1. pamq says:

    I think I like my deer and mountain lion sightings much better than your armadillo and wild hogs………….

    Ho! Ho!

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