Green Depression Glass


I was at one of the local antique shops today.  I looked into a little room that was off to the right and saw this glass glowing!  It’s green depression glass under a black light!  Apparently there is nothing special about it.  I asked if it was Vaseline glass and was told — no, it’s green depression glass.  So, I’m guessing if you have green depression glass and you put it under a black light, yours will glow too!  If you have some and you do try it, please let me know if it glows for you.  OK?  I thought it was something special in that particular glass, but they acted like it would all do it.  Now, I’m really curious, but not curious enough to buy any.

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2 Responses to Green Depression Glass

  1. pamq says:

    Ooooo! Remember black light posters?!

    Cool photo.

  2. I do remember black light posters! They are fun. 🙂

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