The one thing,  more than anything else on earth, that I wanted of my sister’s when she passed suddenly last April, was something she had written.  Her own very unique, somewhat sloppy, sometimes hard to read handwriting.  It is so personal.  So very Teresa.  We are, each of us unique.  My writing is large and, I guess, distinctive, at least in my family.  Nothing like anyone else’s in my immediate family.  Actually, my writing reminds me of my Aunt Brenda’s writing.  Can handwriting traits be passed down through genetics like eye and hair color?  We don’t really look-alike, but I think I resemble my Aunt Joan more than any other family member.  Both of these ladies are on my dad’s side of the family.  Teresa resembled our momma and her side of the family more. 

Momma found this small list Teresa had written after she died.  It may have been tossed in the trash and rescued.  I don’t remember.  I just know that it had been crumpled up and smoothed out when it was given to me.  I’ve carried it in the calendar that I use as a date book since the day I got it.  Thinking that I would have it custom framed.  I finally realized that I’d probably never get around to that and even if I did eventually, I was missing out on seeing Teresa’s writing now

So, yesterday when I was in the little antique store, I found this frame and I liked it.  I bought it, brought it home and dug out some old scrap booking papers (that I’d never even opened) to put behind it.  I also wadded up some of the paper scraps to put between the list and the glass in an effort to keep the glass away from the paper as much as possible.  I want the list to last as long as it can, even though I’m the only one this means anything to.  It means a lot to me.  I used another piece of the scrap paper to write Teresa’s full name and birth and death dates on.  I attached it inside the frame to the back of the paper that the list is on.   Just maybe that will keep someone from throwing it away in the future.

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3 Responses to Finally

  1. Anyes says:

    Beautiful, Sharon

  2. sundeymac says:

    You do have a very distinctive handwriting. It is much sharper than my mom’s, the way you do your “s” particularly.

    I love it that you framed this, and I also loved it that she wrote “vodka” but itself on the bottom. 🙂 I know just the kind of day she was having.

    I have Teresa’s tea cup next to my bed. I put my glasses and stray jewelry in it. It’s a little reminder to me that every day is a gift. Harper loves it, she makes a frantic bee line for it any time she gets into my room. Someday I will tell her how I got it and why it’s important to me.

  3. pamq says:

    Very cool idea, Sharon!

    I don’t know about the handwriting traits being passed on, but I do know that my Mom’s writing used to be very beautiful and as she has gotten older, it has morphed into her mother’s handwriting. You know—that old lady spidery writing. Mom’s older sister was the same way. So all three of them write/wrote exactly the same late in life—you can hardly tell who wrote what unless it is signed.

    Now I am wondering if the same will happen to me? I write NOTHING like any of them and certainly not beautifully like my Mom used to. It will be interesting to see in future years……………..

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