Nesting Bowls


These are my new treasures!  I picked them up at the antique shop I visited a few days ago.  They were on sale for 1/2 off and only cost me $12.50 for all three of them!  What a deal!  I already had one like the smallest one (I think, I’ll have to measure mine later).  The smallest one of this set is 7″ in diameter and 3 and 3/8″ deep.  The middle-sized one is 7 and 7/8″ in diameter and 4″ deep.  The largest one is 8 and 1/2″ in diameter and 4 and 1/2″ deep.  On the bottom, it says Oven Ware Made in U.S.A Fire King.  I tried to take a photo of it, but the bottom is white and the writing is in white and it just showed as a white blob. 

I got my original bowl from my step-grandma Ruby.  She was the only grandma I remember.  Both of my blood grandma’s died while my parents were still young children.  When Grandma Ruby died, I got the bowl.  It was something to remember her by.  We all used it often.  My son broke it.  I bought a replacement on eBay.  I know, logically, that it’s not the same bowl that I got from my grandmomma, but I still think of her when I use it, so it’s just fine.  It’s grandmomma’s bowl to me.  When I saw the set of nesting bowls, I was really surprised.  I didn’t know there was a set.  I thought it had been a giveaway thing from the grocery store for buying oatmeal.  I guess they still could have been.   The small one that I got as part of the set doesn’t feel as heavy as I remember my eBay bowl feeling.  It will be interesting to see if that is true also. 

Do you have anything like this to remember past loved ones by?

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5 Responses to Nesting Bowls

  1. Anyes says:

    I have an old crucifix my grandma on my father’s side, had given me when I was about 10 years old. It has followed me everywhere I went, come to think of it it’s the only thing I have from her.

  2. pamq says:

    I have lots of stuff from both sides of the family, but especially my Mom’s side. Dishes, jewelry, knitting needles, knick knacks, books, you name it.

    I’m not sure why this is, but probably because I didn’t move so far away and also because I like the old stuff, use, and appreciate it. In most cases, I’d rather have old than new……..

    Love your bowls! The color is cool and that swirl adds that extra “something”! You will really enjoy having the whole set!

    For those oatmeal, soap, etc giveaways, most of the time the smallest pieces came in the boxes and then you had to save up proof-of-purchase coupons, box tops, etc and send off for the bigger pieces.

  3. charlane says:

    i love the fire king stuff!! great lustreware (i think that’s what they call it)

    great color

  4. Sundey says:

    I saw Aunt Joan a couple of months ago and she gave me one of her plates–the ones with the green rooster pattern around the edges…do you remember them? I spent most of my childhood rearranging my food on them. I have eaten dinner off it every night. It makes me so happy!

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