When English is not your Native Language

I love this postcard!  The back, much more than the front.  It is a postcrossing card.  The stamps are wonderful, but it’s the message written by the sender that has totally delighted me!  Please, please don’t think that I am in any way making fun of the way this sender has written her English!  I am not!  I know that English is a very difficult language to learn and I do not know a second language of any kind.  I took 2 years of Spanish in high school, but I didn’t want to take Spanish (I wanted to take French and was talked out of it) and I was never really interested in it.  I remember a few words (hola and rojo) and there are probably more I could pick out if the speaker would speak very s-l-o-w-l-y for me, but that is unlikely to happen.  I’ve picked up a little Italian (bella – beautiful, ciao – goodbye, prego – hello) and I may be able to pick out very small amount more in a slow conversation.  I would love to learn Italian!  Maybe someday I’ll work on it.  This postcard and a few others I’ve gotten have delighted me in their English translation!  My hubby loved “small cold”.  My favorite was “not the boring everyday life”.    Click on the photo to read it more easily.

The postcard is a Christmas card.  It is from Belarus and is written in Russian.  I’m told that it translates to “Hold tight for the carrots, pal.
Happy New Year and Merry Christmas”.  Fun!



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  1. Se'lah says:

    I enjoy sending postcards and greeting cards and letters out into the universe. such joy. sweet stone there 😉

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