I’m Home and Playing Catch-up


This is Gracie.  She belongs to my sister Teresa’s family.  I can tell that she misses Teresa terribly because when I’m there, she does her doggie best to cling to my momma, who is also there visiting.  Gracie is difficult to photograph.  Flashlights, the flash from a camera and other bright lights cause her to have seizures.  So, if she sees a camera come out, she softly whimpers and takes off!  Not that I blame her one little bit!  I was outside with her and had my camera with me.  I was talking softly and reassuringly to her the whole time, keeping the camera out of her line of sight as much as possible.  She was keeping her back to me, just in case.  I made sure my flash was off and watched and waited.  Sure enough, she finally turned to look a little bit toward something in my direction!  Finally a photo of Gracie!  This literally may be the only one in existence.  I’ll have to have a copy made for Teresa’s family. 


I was driving home today when I noticed this misspelled sign on this business!  I had to get off the highway and go back around to be able to photograph it, but it was worth it.  I love finding misspelled signs!  Of course I was just a bit discombobulated when I realized that I was photographing an “all nude bring your own bottle” establishment!  Yikes!  I had to get back on the road pretty dog gone quick when I saw that sign!

I should be home for a while and able to post my photos daily again.  I had a great visit and enjoyed every minute with my family, but I didn’t sleep well this trip.  I kept hearing things in the kitchen and I swear to you — I heard odd music coming out of the air conditioning vent late last night after everyone was asleep.  So, it’s just good to be home. 
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3 Responses to I’m Home and Playing Catch-up

  1. pamq says:

    The Miniature Horse stallion I had years ago also hated having his picture taken at the horse shows—they were inside and the photographers used flash.

    He also hated bug zappers.

    Gracie is so cute! Looks very, very soft………..

    What….you didn’t go in the nudie bar???


  2. GASP! You know – i was trying to take a pic of my dogs (inside the house w/flash) & they kept acting REALLY strange. DUH! it didn’t hit me till I just read this that maybe I was sending them into some type of doggy-dizziness, but I kept flashing away! 😦 Outside w/no flash is good, but not inside.

    Dyin’ @ nudie bar. No wonder they don’t care how it’s spelled. (LOL!)

    Dyin #2 @ “musical air conditioner!” 🙂 Clearly, you were ready to be in your own home.

    PS: Hugs to Gracie missing her mama!!

  3. charlane says:

    ha! at the nude bar – that is pretty funny. well, after the fact at least. great find on the sign. and the puppy looks so adorably sweet.

    welcome home

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