Pardon Me, but…..

I am really not a happy camper right now.  I may rant and rave and just get it out of my system.  Sorry folks.  When you get right down to it, this was just the wrong day for me to get these postcards in the mail.  First, I am off of Cokes again — hopefully for the last time.  It’s my first full day.  I’m drinking tea at the moment, but it does not have the same caffeine and sugar slam that a real Coke does.  I have the raging headache to prove it. 

the postcard, although I don't think this accurately shows how purple it looks

Then the postcards arrived.  I ordered them from Overnight Prints  (a different place than I normally order my postcards to be printed from).  This place was less expensive.  I want to use these cards for a charitable fundraiser, so I figured that anything I can save in printing, I can put toward the charity.  I had also heard good things about this place and seen postcards printed by them on etsy that looked really great.  So, I decided to go with them.  Big mistake!

the original photo -- looks blue to me

I had trouble with their system from the start.  Of all the photos I’ve taken of sunsets, bluebonnets and anything remotely looking like something that someone might want to buy to send through the mail, I could find only one of my photos that would fit their template and actually show the photo properly!  So, I picked that one to print for my postcards.  I had spent hours on this process by this time and I was already unhappy.  I should have taken that for the sign it was, because this was not one of my best photos and I would have preferred something better for a fundraiser.  It is a photo of bluebonnets and to me that speaks Texas as well as anything else.  So, I finished up my order and started to wait, somewhat impatiently for the cards to arrive.

They arrived today.  The bluebonnets are purple!  I am more than unhappy!  I have 100 purple bluebonnets that I cannot do one thing with!  I’ve emailed and told them the problem and asked them to either reprint the cards or refund my money.  We’ll see what happens.  This was my first order with this company.  I’m waiting to see if they can make me a happy customer.  ***Later note:  They don’t care that I am unhappy.  They have said that the problem was me and my photo and have reluctantly agreed to a one time credit for half of what I paid to be applied to a reprint with no guarantee that it would come out correctly the second time!  I will not be accepting their ever so kind offer.  I will not ever use their service again and I highly recommend that you don’t either!  If you should need to have postcards printed for any reason, go to Moo!  I’ve used them several times and been very happy with their product and service!  I have no doubt that you will be happy with them too. 


On a different note:  This would have been my photo of the day on Valentine’s Day if I had not been up to see the rare sunrise.  I bought this old Valentine on etsy!  It’s the type I would have given out and would have been given when I was a kid in elementary school.  I love these old Valentines!  I plan to frame this one.  I may even buy a few more first and frame then together.

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3 Responses to Pardon Me, but…..

  1. Anyes says:

    Aww Sharon, I hope your postcards printing problems will be resolved soon to your entire satisfaction.
    Footnote: I really love your Valentine 😉

  2. charlane says:

    why is it your fault and the photo – it looks like a color calibration issue perhaps? is that what they are saying? I would ask them when the last time they calibrated their printer but that is me.

    hope it works out for you.

  3. pamq says:

    Ah, Coke. At the moment I’m not having a problem with Coke, but I am trying to do much better with the “cramming every snack I can find into my mouth” problem.

    I am on day four…….

    Hope the problem with the postcards gets settled. What a crappy deal!

    Yes, I remember those Valentines. And the “mailboxes” we would make at school out of cereal boxes in which to receive all our little Valentines……………

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