What are your favorite Songs?

I wanted to give you a little update on the no TV and no coke thing:  I did have one large coke on Friday, but nothing since and I feel much better.  I don’t really have any withdrawal symptoms today.  I’m even feeling better about the no TV for a week thing.  I haven’t had it on since about 6 PM central time on Sunday.  I don’t feel all crawly any longer and the only one losing his mind over it is my husband!  I keep talking to him while he’s watching TV downstairs (I’m upstairs).

On another subject:  I’m trying to make the absolutely perfect traveling CD.  I remember when I was a kid and I’d fall in love with some song on a record album that you could only get on the album.  I used to wish I could just purchase the one song I really liked and be done with it.  It just amazes me now that I can actually do that!  Yes, even after all of these years of being able to do it, it still amazes me!  What is your favorite song that always gets your toe to tapping?  The one that you just cannot help but move your body to?  Please leave me the song title and artist in the comments.  I may just end up using it on my next traveling CD (I’ll need a way to stay awake as I drive to Oklahoma with no caffeine)!   You could be helping me a bunch.  Thank you very kindly.

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2 Responses to What are your favorite Songs?

  1. pamq says:

    Ok….first I have to ask a question…..

    Does this have to be country, or do you like rock?

    Let me know and I’ll get back to ya…………..

    • It does not have to be country (if it is, I’ve probably heard it, but put it
      down anyway). I love country, but I have an eclectic taste when it comes to
      music. The CDs I’ve made so far have (looking at the labels that itunes put
      on them) oldies, country, rock, folk, soundtrack and pop. I’ve also
      downloaded r&b/soul, blues, comedy (yes this was a song) and jazz. I like
      good music. I’m open to just about anything. The only things I don’t like
      and won’t listen to are songs that scream at me or that have lyrics that are
      derogatory toward women, the police that sort of thing.


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