Have you heard of a God Wink?

I think that’s what I just experienced.  If I remember correctly, a God Wink is a coincidence — as in there are no coincidences .  Such as the other day when I went to one of my favorite blogs – soul aperture and came across this link to a wonderful story about a woman who had a God Box and had made a practice of putting her worries and prayers, large and small into it for many years.  So many in fact, that she had many God Boxes.  More than her family ever suspected!

I loved the story.  I am a reformed “worrier”.  Sometimes I slide back into my old habit, but for the most part, I do try to hand my worries over to God and let Him have them.  I am not a church goer (as some would say in Texas), but I am a believer and I am spiritual.  I have a problem with organized religion and that is that every church I’ve attended has tried to make me feel “less than” for not being a member of a church and I’ve run into bigots at every single one of them.  I have a very hard time with people telling me that I will go to hell because I don’t go to church, when they go to church and actively practice hate when they are outside the churches walls (and sometimes even inside the church!).  It just doesn’t set well with me.  So, many years ago, I stopped trying to fit into the “churches”.

I find God everywhere I go.  In nature and people.  I don’t have to be inside a building to worship Him.  Once again, I’m digressing.  I’m sorry.  I normally do not talk religion or politics.  I feel that we are, each of us, free to practice our on beliefs any way we see fit as long as we don’t harm anyone else while doing it. 

2/23/11 "before"

Back to my original story.  I loved the God box story so much that I printed it out and sent it to my friend Catherine.  Earlier today, I shared it with my friend Debbie.  Both of these women are overwhelmed with caring for other people at the moment.  I thought a God box might help them.  Just a little while ago, I was trying to catch up on my online class.  I’m still behind and I believe this is the last week.  I moved on to the next assignment for me.  It was to make a God Box!  This is what I mean about the God Wink!  Today’s photo is the shoe box that I’m going to transform into my God Box.  This is the “before” shot.  This shoe box even has claw marks from one of my cats that I had in the past!  It may take a while to show you an “after”.

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6 Responses to Have you heard of a God Wink?

  1. shirley says:

    Wonderful idea! I couldn’t agree more about organized religion…God is everywhere, and so are His Angels….

  2. Anyes says:

    What a beautiful sign showing you, you’re on the right track! Perfect 😉

  3. pamq says:

    And here’s more to think about, Sharon….

    Remember how we were just talking about making the cereal and shoe boxes into mailboxes for Valentine’s Day back in grade school???


  4. love the God box idea and & that beautiful story. I have several small sized boxes sitting around collecting dust. Not anymore… 🙂

  5. Chris says:

    Oh Sharon I could not agree with you more about “organized” religion!!! I also believe in seeing God everywhere. What a great post!!

  6. Tonia Rowe says:

    Godwinks are beautiful things! Glad I found your blog. I just wrote about a Godwink I had. Come visit my blog if you get the chance.


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