I had Big Plans for the look of My God Box

It was going to be water-color painted.  It was going to be a work of art!  It was going to be spectacular.  People would see it here and be inspired to make their own or want to come and see mine in person.  Oh, the fantasies I had last night about my God box!  I had turned into a little girl again while making it. 

Then something else took over.  The little girl had her way with things and remembered all the Valentine parties of her childhood.  She’d been listening to the grown-up Sharon wax poetic about the Valentines of old and had such wonderful memories of making the “mailboxes” for the parties.  Before she knew it, her God box had a Valentine feel to it.  The little girl deep inside knew that was OK.  God has a great sense of humor — just look at the platypus!  He doesn’t care what a God box looks like. 

2/24/11 "after"

There is a small slit in the bottom where I can slip the prayers in through the paper wrapping.  One day I may change it.  Or I may not.  I may need another one in years to come and that may be the water-color beauty.  We’ll see.  For now, I’m happy with it as it is.  May you all have a blessed, calm, peaceful day. 

Much love, Sharon

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2 Responses to I had Big Plans for the look of My God Box

  1. pamq says:

    Yes, Sharon, you may think your God box looks like something from grade school, but remember that Jesus loved the children and talked of a child-like faith………..

    It is just perfect!

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