Wonders Never Cease!

I know we just had some postcrossing love yesterday, put I have got to share this card with you today!  Mostly because of the stamp!  It is in Braille!  I hope you can see it in the photo!  I was just amazed.  Now for the card and then a little personal history of myself and Finland.  First of all, I love the card!  It’s a bullfinch and it was sent from Finland.  The gentleman tells me that it has been unusually cold and snowy this winter and that he doesn’t like that.  But that they are getting more light every day and eventually spring will come.  He can’t wait for that.  I know how he feels and our winters aren’t nearly as bad as theirs are.


I visited Finland when I was 17 (1976) and newly in love with my hubby-to-be.  I was supposed to stay there for a month with my sister, visiting our father who was working there.  I just could not stand to be away from hubby-to-be for that long.  Our father was working nonstop, my sister and I didn’t get along all that well back then and I missed hubby-to-be.  So, after one week, I told daddy I wanted to go home.  To put it mildly, he was non-too-pleased.  He told me that if I wanted to go home, I could just make the arrangements myself and it better not cost him one more cent!  So, I took myself down to the American Express office or it may have been the airlines office, and I made the changes that needed to be made.  As far as I know, it didn’t cost him one more cent and I came back to the hotel and told him when to have me at the airport.  He and my sister dropped me off and left. 

I was almost arrested because I packed this knife (that I had bought for hubby-to-be) in my carry on suitcase!  I had not wanted it to get lost if something happened to my luggage,  you see.  Well, when the luggage was scanned by x-ray (the U.S. didn’t do this back then) bells, whistles and sirens started to go off!  Police with weapons drawn and dogs snarling and barking started to run toward me!  I just stood there looking like a fool — saying “what’s happening?”  Fortunately, the guard that was right there in front of me, could tell that I was not a terrorist and that I really had no idea I had done anything terribly wrong and terribly stupid.  He asked me if I had any weapons in my carry on.  I said.  “No!” very emphatically.  Then I thought for a second and said “Just a knife I bought my boyfriend”. 

Now, I remember the rest of what happens and some of the words, but I remember it more in a daze-y state of Thank-You-Lord-for not-letting-me-be-shot-or-arrested-when-my-daddy-has-already-left-airport-kind-of-John-Wayne-thing.  I can just hear this Finnish guard saying, in his best John Wayne “Well, Little Lady, we Finnish consider a 5 inch knife to be a weapon.  So, I’m going to be taking your little nail picker and putting it in a separate box and we’re going to put it in the cargo compartment with the luggage.  Do you have any objection to that, Missy?”.  To which I would have replied “No sir!  Not at all!  Especially if it will keep these other guards from shooting me and these dogs from cleaning my bones!  I have no objections whatsoever!  I don’t care if I ever see that nail picker again!  Why I can probably find a Bowie knife that’s better in Texas any how.  Not that I mean any disrespect, Sir.”  I’m sure he would not have even had time to hear me mumble those last few sentences, since he was busy packing up my little, bitty, teeny, tiny knife in a box and having it shipped off to cargo.  I made my flight.  I was not shot or bitten by any of those well-trained doggies.  And my knife showed up a couple of days after I did, by special messenger.  It got lost on one or more of the flights home.   The End!  More Finland tales to come….someday.

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  1. Chris says:

    Loved the card, the stamp and your story about the knife. We live in such a different world these days. I really don’t like to travel by plane. Just thinking about all the crap you need to get through just to get on the plane is enough for me to say “forget it”. So I restrict my travel plans to anywhere I can drive.

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