A Happy List


I think I bought this book the last time I was in Oklahoma.  Heck, I may have had it longer.  I hadn’t looked at it until the night before last.  Still not a mark in it, but it did make me want to start a “happy list”.  So, without further ado a list of things that make me happy today:

  • that at 6pm central time I will have gone a full week without TV!  I did it! 
  • my grandchildren
  • the laugh of their father and grandfather
  • talking to my friends Catherine and Beth, in person is best, but I’ll take it any way I can get it — as often as possible, no matter what mood any of us is in (one lives in CO, the other in TN, I’m in TX)
  • spending precious “alone” time with momma
  • when my hubby calls me “sunshine” a pretty new nickname for me, but I really like it.  I call him “sunshine” too. 
  • heart-shaped rocks and heart-shaped clouds — they make me think of Teresa and not miss her so much
  • signs of spring!
  • birdsong
  • wild animals on our property — well, not wild hogs! 
  • sending postcards (even more than getting them!)
  • getting postcards and other non-bills in the mail
  • when something from my etsy shop sells (I know, I need to put something new in there!)
  • new babies (Catherine’s youngest son, my son’s friend from kindergarten — he and his wife just had their first baby — a boy!)

I could keep going, but these are the things that make me happy right this minute.  Oh, one more thing — this blog make me extremely happy.  I can come here and write, which also makes me extremely happy!  I hope you’re having a great weekend.  Be sure you squeeze in some happy!

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4 Responses to A Happy List

  1. charlane says:

    i love lots and lots of happy!

  2. Anyes says:

    I love your Happy List, Sharon. Congratulations on the one whole week off TV, that has to make you proud! Happy Sunday 🙂

  3. pamq says:

    Those poor wild hogs!

    Don’t they deserve some luv too?? 😉

    Ok, Sharon. You made it a week without TV. Are you going to keep it shut off? Or watch less now? Did that change how you think about TV?

    • No! I had already cut way back on how much I watch TV. So, I’ll probably
      continue on as I had before. I watched the Academy Awards last night. Kind
      of wish I hadn’t. Didn’t enjoy it much, although I did laugh a few times.
      Then I watched several things on my DVR.

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