**Wall Papers!

I just found the best site!  I love all photos National Geographic anyway and this is one of their sites.  I believe it was a reader photo site actually.  Your Shot Weekly Wrapper shows these wonderful shots of reader photos that have been made into **computer wall papers!  I started at the most recent week of photos and started going backwards.  I found several I wanted to do, before I saw this one and said now this one is it !  I’d never tried to change my **wall paper before.  I had no idea how simple it was to do!  I may literally change it weekly now.  This was so fun and made me so happy!  I had no idea how sick I was of those rolling hills and blue skies with white clouds!  You have got to go over and check it out!  Have fun looking at all the photos and change things up a bit!  Change breeds creativity!  You heard it here folks and you heard it today!

Love, Ms Koi

*Photo and Caption by Linda Heck

“Goldfish anticipating the ritual of their daily feeding.”

**I incorrectly called computer wall papers, screen savers.  I have corrected the mistakes here.

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2 Responses to **Wall Papers!

  1. Anyes says:

    They do look hungry, Sharon 🙂

  2. charlane says:

    that is one of my daily sites to visit – i love to check through the daily shots.

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