For Those Who Need to see a little Green


Many of my trees are sprouting leaves or buds now. 

Some of the crops that have been planted are started to come up.  I love to see the neat rows as I drive by.  For some reason, that always makes me happy. 

The iris that my daddy planted up at the front gate will be blooming soon.  I have to remember to take a photo of them for you this year.  They aren’t special iris, but they are pretty. 

I hope this helps your need for green today.

PS.  Do you like the new blog header?  Or is it too dark?

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One Response to For Those Who Need to see a little Green

  1. pamq says:

    And here I sit.

    Getting ready for yet another Arctic air blast.

    And what looks like what might become a major snowstorm for early next week.

    So keep that green coming, Sharon!

    P.S. I like your new banner—it is a bit stormy looking or something—but very interesting to look at! You are getting good/brave at changing things up!!!

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