Today’s Photo — from the Car


I’m going to have to do this more often or stop doing it all together.  I used to be able to take a photo from the car, driving at 70 miles an hour, and stay in my lane very well.  I’ve noticed that lately, I’m swerving a bit.  I’m out of practice.  I will tell you that I only do this when there is no car anywhere near me.  Not behind me or coming toward me.  I don’t want to take a chance on hitting or frightening any one. 

This train caboose (or car) used to be inside the building.  Yes indeedy.  This place used to be a restaurant and you could eat inside the train at times or at least walk through it at times.  It was a draw for kiddos and the young at heart a like.  Then the restaurant closed.  The building reopened as something we never figured out.  Actually, we think it was an illegal gambling place for a while.  Then it was closed down.  It’s been for sale ever since.  They recently took the train car out.  It was on the other side of the building in the wooded area for a while.  I guess they figured the building would have a better chance of selling if people could see the train better. 

Honestly, if I were to win the lotto really big soon, I’d buy this place and the bank that’s for sale across from the post office in town.  I’d live in the bank and play in this place.  I’d turn the place we live on now into a retreat center.  Can you tell that I watch HGTV on occasion?

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3 Responses to Today’s Photo — from the Car

  1. charlane says:

    it would be a cool place to buy! and yes, i do the driving / shooting thing too

  2. pamq says:

    Cool train car!

    There used to be a train car sitting on a piece of abandoned track right at the start of a walking trail here in Deadwood.

    Sat there for several years.

    Then one day it was just gone!

    How did that happen???


  3. Chris says:

    You are so funny! I love your posts. I also love this one in particular because I’m a fan of trains especially, but sadly, when they’ve been de-commissioned and sit in a side yard of a well-known PA train museum. It’s not their fault they can’t maintain all of them but it’s neat to just walk around and look at a history of trains. Some are wooden, some are snow plows with huge wooden V’s, which is the plow. Others, as trains got better and better, have a huge wind turbine on the front, again another version of a snowplow. It’s a neat place.

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