Tip for the Day

As you know, this is a multi-dog home.  At the moment, we have only two dogs.  In the past, we’ve had up to three dogs and three cats at one time.  I don’t know that we’ll ever be able to afford to care for that many pets again.  I don’t feel that we’re caring for these properly as it is.  Their vaccinations are over due.  For that matter, so are some of my yearly medical tests and things.  Sometimes, that is the way it goes.  Especially when the price of living keeps going up and wages do not.  Anyway, that is not what I want to talk about. 

I had been purchasing 20 pound bags of dog food because they are easier for me to carry into the house.  My driveway is at least a few steps away from the house with a gate to maneuver, a dirt (or mud, as the case is sometimes) walkway and then a wooden walkway before coming to the house.  Sometimes, that bag of food gets heavy and my knees give me trouble.  Today, I noticed that I’d save $5 by buying the 40 pound bag instead of two 20 pound bags and that was at Wal-Mart where it is generally a bit less expensive than Brookshires.  I truly hate to shop at Wal-Mart, so I figured I might as well get the larger bag, save some money and hopefully not come back as often.  As it is, I shop there only about once a month now. 


When I got to the car, instead of laying the bag in the seat where it usually falls into the floorboard — I sat it up and buckled that puppy in!  That is my tip for the day.  Those suckers are heavy and somehow feel as if they weigh twice as much when you are wrestling them from the floorboard, so buckle them up from now on and you won’t have to do that.  Why did it take me so long to figure this out?

*Sorry about how dark the photo is.  I don’t think my flash worked.

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2 Responses to Tip for the Day

  1. Abby says:

    Just don’t put it in the passenger seat! Groceries will set off my seat belt alert. In fact, my bigger cat will set it off, too!

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