Redneck Valentine

3/5/11 #1

I came up with several more logical titles for this post, but I just couldn’t get Jeff Foxworthy out of my head.  I kept hearing him say something like “If you bring your honey flowers and heart-shaped briar leaves for Valentine’s Day, you might be a redneck”.  I spotted the daffodils blooming last night.  I’m sure they bloomed yesterday, but I didn’t go into that part of the yard until dark.  Yesterday was in the upper 70’s, if I recall correctly.  Today, it’s in the low 40’s and the wind is blowing something fierce.  It’s enough to make me want to cry.  I know, it’s nothing compared to the rest of the winters out there, but after yesterday, it feels really cold.  I know, again, I’m a wuss. 

I should not have forgotten that winter was not over.  Several years ago, we literally got snow after the bluebonnets bloomed!  I used to have a photo to prove it too, but I lost it when my computer crashed.  I think.  The problem is that when the calendar says “March”, I think spring.  I know that technically it is in fact still winter, but on the 1st of March it is spring to me!  I even washed up all of my warm-ups (fleece clothes) yesterday and hung them in the closet.  I almost packed them away, but I didn’t have quite the courage.  Good thing too.  Guess what I’m wearing right now.  Yep, my red warm-ups and my fuzzy house shoes with socks!

3/5/11 #2

I went out to the post office this morning.  That was when I came face to face with the wind and my ration of realisation that winter is still here (even if it is mild compared to the winter of others).  When I got home is when I saw the heart-shaped briar leaves.  Nature run amuck can be quite fascinating too.  Just overlook how ugly all that overgrown brambly crap is and look at those sweet heart-shaped leaves!  Don’t even think of those little thorns on them either.  They won’t bother you if you don’t bother them.  Just a little something to remember when you visit the country.

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  1. pamq says:

    Oh now I want to cry.


    I don’t think spring until the end of May………

    Keep those flowers coming!!!

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