A Little More Stitching


When I ironed on the transfers for the K and I yesterday, I didn’t get either of them dark enough.  I think there are actually a couple of more letters that are a little lighter than I would have liked also.  The robot head was darker than I had intended.  If you click on the photo to enlarge it, you’ll see that the transfer for the robot is almost the same color as the thread I used for his body.  I haven’t embroidered his teeth yet.  I haven’t decided on a color for them.  I also see (from my copy of the alphabet) that I’ve left off a couple of the green slash marks on the K.  I guess I better go add them to it before I totally forget.  This embroidery has been fun to work on today between my chores, but I sure do seem to be slow at it. 

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  1. pamq says:

    I love the evil rays coming out of his eyes……………….

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