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I’d like to show you the photo of what I bought today at the Goodwill store.  It’s a Hawaiian  looking kids shirt that I plan to cut up for a quilt some day.  I can’t quit quilting any time soon, I have too many shirts that I’ve bought for this type of project!





The next one I wanted to show you is the photo I took of the granddaughters in a foot face off!  It won’t be long before their nails are always clean and painted and pretty looking.  I’m going to miss shots like these one day.




Last, but not least is my grandson working on his second stack of pancakes after eating a mess of eggs first.  Yes, you got that right.  First eggs, then pancakes, then even more pancakes.  He was still hungry, you see.  Granted, he did not quite finish the second stack of pancakes, but he sure gave it the old college try.

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  1. charlane says:

    so glad you all are having fun!

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