My Cookie Monster


He really doesn’t eat that many cookies anymore, but he is fond of white chocolate macadamia nut cookies.

Today has been a rough day.  I was tired when I got to OK with the kids.  Today it really caught up with me.  I was grumpy from the moment I got up this morning.  I hate that!  I don’t spend enough time with these kids to waste it being grumpy.  I ended up making my youngest granddaughter sob.  I feel like a heel.  Now, my son needs to know if I can stay another week.  He needs to work this weekend and twelve hour shifts all next week.  The military has its own needs and doesn’t care so much about ours, most of the time.  Honestly, if I wasn’t so tired from all that went on at home before I came here, I’d be up for it, but right now,  all I can picture are a string of days like today.  I’m totally torn and near tears myself.  I wish I was at home and could come up here on Sunday like I had originally planned.

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2 Responses to My Cookie Monster

  1. Anyes says:

    Hoping your heart will feel better soon and sending you courage and positive energy, Sharon

  2. Cindy says:

    I asked my friend on OKC for suggestions of stuff to do. This is what she said:

    Oops! Don’t check email very often anymore…!
    The link to the blog didn’t come through. They can pick up a copy of Metro Family, they always have a full calendar of things to do for every budget & interest. Pretty sure they have them at Wal~Mart or Q’doba. Speaking of, did you suggest Taco Monday?!! The magazine is free too!
    You know me, don’t get out much. The Warren is cool! They may have a kids movie program, but I think it’s during the summer. Sorry I’m not a big help. But Metro Family should have all the answers!

    Good luck- I hope you all get some rest!

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