Neighborhood Mailboxes


3/17/11 #1


This one was clobbered recently.








3/17/11 #2


This one is really short, for some reason.  I’m very curious about it.  I wonder what the mail person thinks when they drive up to it.

Today, I took the kids to Michaels to look for a beginner embroidery kit for my youngest granddaughter.  We didn’t find one.  We did find them other things to make them momentarily happy though.  Then we went to Payless shoe store to get the oldest granddaughter some white shoes she can wear to the dance next Friday.  After that, we got lunch and then went to the grocery store to get ingredients for brownies.  We made those as a special treat for my grandson.  Unfortunately, he didn’t like my brownies.  He likes the ones his dad’s friend Su makes.  We ate them warm, maybe that’s why he didn’t like them.  Who knows.  Maybe it was just my recipe.  Tomorrow, we plan to go to Pop’s and get me a buffalo burger.  The zoo has been put on hold for another visit.

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