Bone Tired


I’m bone tired.  I was tired when I got here last Monday and I’m more tired now.  I’m plain weary now.  I want to be in Texas.  I need to be in Texas in the spring.  I was not able to be last year because of the death of my daughter-in-law and the young mother of my precious grandchildren.  I spent about 4 months with them in California due to that horrible reality last year and totally missed my Texas spring.  Bluebonnets are one of the things that feed my soul and I need to see them like I’ve never needed to before.  Missing them last year in such a sad time of losing the kid’s mom and my sister drained my soul.  I need to refill it again with my bluebonnets.  I need to come home soon to see them starting to bloom and see them blooming in their full glory.  I don’t know when I’ll be coming home though.  I wanted to last Thursday, but I had promised my son I’d help out this week.  Now, with us being at war with Libya (I want to scream and cry over this!) and my son being in the military, he is working seven days a week and 12 hour shifts.  Even his baby sitter can’t keep the kids that long and often.  What do single military parents do in situations like this when they have no family near by for back up? So, I will suck it up because I love my son and my grandchildren.  I will be here for them and it my own way, my country.  I do hope I get to see the bluebonnets this spring though.

The chair in this photo is a new seating area for gramma to read by.  The lamp is new, the heating pad is there for my back or my knees and a little foot stool was found by my granddaughter for me.  I rearranged the room just a bit to get it to a plug so that it would be coming over my right shoulder.  Hopefully, I’ll even get to stitch some tomorrow while the kids are back in school and maybe after a few days of them being back in school, I won’t feel quite so tired.

Hugs to all.

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3 Responses to Bone Tired

  1. charlane says:

    sending you big hugs and lots of prayers

  2. Anyes says:

    Aww, Sharon I can feel your weariness within those lines. Praying for you, and your family

  3. pamq says:

    Turn up that heating pad, Sharon!

    Looks like a lovely place to sit and read!

    I hope you get a little chance to stitch and rest up……..


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