The City’s Landscaping


Most of the flowering trees that the city I’m visiting have used for landscaping seem to be redbud and peach!  I was really surprised by the peach.  I’ve never heard of a non fruit bearing peach tree as we have in non fruit bearing pear trees, so I’m really curious to see if these do bear fruit and if they do, what does the city do with them?  Do they let it hang on the trees for the birds and whoever wants them to eat or pick?  Or do they pick them and take it to a farmer’s market as a way to make money for the city budget?  Or do they perhaps pick the fruit and take it to the local food banks to distribute to the hungry?  Wouldn’t that be a wonderful idea? What if all the city governments started to replace trees (when they needed to be replaced for one reason of another) with a fruit or nut bearing tree that would benefit the hungry in our nation? Really folks, all we need are innovative ideas and people who will work together and we could actually end hunger in our nation!  Just think about it.  Not one child hungry in the United States of America.  Not one elderly person wondering if they will eat tomorrow.  Not one mother or father worrying about paying the electric bill or putting food on the table.  Can you imagine what that could be like?  I can!  And I would really like to see it.

There is so much suffering in this big world of ours!  We are all so interconnected.  I love that about the world we live in today.  I want us to help each other, I want to help Haiti (believe me, they are still suffering!) and Japan.  I truly do, but I also do not want us to forget that we have mighty suffering right here at home too — in our own back yards.  Down the streets, under the over passes and in the very schools that our children, nieces, nephews and grandchildren attend.  People in need are in your own church, your neighborhood.  They may be working for minimum wage and handing you that Mc-Meal  you just bought with that sweet smile on their face.  That homeless woman you just passed on the street, that just happens to be a person of color, could very well be a veteran of our armed forces.  She may have served our country proudly and been lucky enough to come home safely from two tours in Iraq only to find herself homeless.  The thought of it makes my stomach ache.  No veteran of our military should be homeless.  They have paid their dues and ours too.

I don’t know all the answers.  I don’t even know how I got started on the questions today.  All I know for sure is that a peach tree can give a person a full tummy when they are hungry.  I hope this tree bears fruit.

*You really need to click on the photos to enlarge them to see how pretty they are.  It’s really cloudy here today.

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