Before the Dance




I hope to get a better photo of this water tower one day.  I love it though even from the car.  Every time I come for a visit, I swear I’m going to take a photo of this water tower, but I never have — until this morning.  It is my official photo of the day.

Today is the day of the Big Dance!  My granddaughter has been nervous for a week.  What am I saying?  She’s been nervous for about 3 or 4 weeks!  Since the flyer for the dance first hit the schools in the area!  She and her sister were both going to get new dresses, even though the oldest is the only one who gets to go to the dance this year.  Well, as it turned out, the dance girl was given a dress that is almost new by her other gramma when she was in Texas recently, so she didn’t need to buy a new one.  Little sister was only going to be getting a new dress if big sister needed one, so little sister didn’t get one either.  Then big sister needed new shoes to go with the new-ish dress because the only white shoes she had were high heels which are not a part of the school dress code.  Little sister did not get to get new shoes.  So, poor little sister didn’t get any of the fun stuff she thought she’d be getting and I’m sure it seemed to her, that her sister did!

So, today, I went out and bought her an expensive magazine on her favorite dog!  Just for the middle child!  Just because she is special too!  Just because she needs for her family to make a fuss over her sometimes.  She was the student of the month recently.  Her big sister bragged to me about her on the phone.  When she herself got on the phone and I tried to get her to tell me about making student of the month, she immediately started telling me how good her brother had been in school that day!  She’s a good girl.  She helps a lot with her autistic little brother and isn’t bossy or too “motherly” about it.  She does it in a wonderful sisterly way that makes me so proud of her instead of worried that she’s taken on too much.  She recently found $20 at school and turned it in to the office.  Her dad just called to tell me he would be picking them up at school today because she is being honored for doing that!  I’m so glad I got her the magazine.  I hope she likes it and it makes her feel a little special.  Have I told you that she’s a good kid?

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