Home again, Hope again!


My son was called at 10 PM last night and told that he did not have to work this weekend.  He was also told that he would be on his normal work schedule starting Monday.  So, I stayed the night and had lunch with them today and then I hit the road for home! 

I saw no wildflowers of any type until I was 40 miles north of Texas (still in Oklahoma).  There, I saw a few pale Indian paintbrushes.  A little way into Texas, I started to see Evening Primrose, which is what I called buttercups when I was a kid, because when you pushed them onto someone’s nose, they would leave yellow pollen all over it!  Then there was something purple that I have yet to identify.  I was a good distance into Texas before I saw the first little group of bluebonnets.  They were groups of them all over on the rest of my drive home, but not “up good yet”.  Still small and not in their full beauty, but I wanted to show you what I got to see  in my photo of the day.  Never fear, there will be more to follow in the days to come!

Hope you are having a great weekend!  I know I am.

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One Response to Home again, Hope again!

  1. pamq says:

    Glad you got to go home, Sharon!

    Did you take your heating pad with you?? 😉

    Great photo! They are just soooo pretty!

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