A Kiva Update

We are writing you today, to let you know about some very exciting happenings that took place this month. It is your help and willingness to spread the word that has made these advancements possible for Kiva, so thank you!

On March 8th we unveiled a redesigned Kiva.org! The redesign is the result of thousands of hours of consultation with lenders, meetings with designers, drafts with employees, and feedback from the Kiva community. The new design has not changed the functionality of the site. The look and feel may seem different, but your options to lend, learn and share have remained the same! (More here)

If you have questions or comments on the new look, be sure to let us know.

We are also excited to announce that on March 17th at 7:40PM, we passed $200 Million in loans! Kiva gave its first loan in 2005, reached the $100 million mark in November of 2009, and last week reached $200 million. This milestone serves as an incredible reminder of the impact lenders are making, one loan at a time. With the help of 126 Field Partners, we have been able to provide loans to over 520,000 people in 58 countries around the world!

Thank you for helping to further our mission by being a member of our bloggers list.

-Kelsey Dunn

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