Postcrossing Love — Overdue!

The first postcard came from China.  They write “Happy Postcrossing!  Hope you like this card and stamps.  Ba”  The description given for the card is that it is “An Old Auntie”.  Interesting!

Card #2 comes from Central Finland.  The bird is a Tilhi (Northern Waxwing) that they see in August and September.  She said that they still had a lot of snow when she mailed this on March 7th and she had been skiing the day before for the first time!

Number 3 is from Nora, who lives in Green Bay.  She tells me that she is not good at artistic things, but enjoys reading, her family and receiving postcards!  I’ve become quite fond of barns lately so I really loved getting this card. 

The fourth postcard comes from Wales.  Shin tells me that he is a photographer based in the UK and gets inspiration from the postcards he receives from around the world.  He shared his photography website with me and I’m sharing it with you too.   I’ll be looking at it after I post this, I hope you’ll join me there after you finish reading this. 

I got this 5th card right before I left for Oklahoma.  I carried it in my purse the whole time I was gone and it looks pretty rough now!  Bless its heart.  It’s a pretty card from Ksenia in Moscow.  It shows a small area of the famous Red Square.  She has a black cat with yellow eyes.  She likes to ride her bike in the city and snow board in the winter. 

The sixth card comes from Silke in Germany.  It’s a card from an art project in a primary school and shows a “big funny public swimming pool” in their town.  I love these kinds of cards — kids art projects!  They remind me of the ones done by M.D. Anderson Hospital which benefit children with cancer.  LOVE that. 

I can honestly say that I’ve never had a desire to visit Pittsburgh.  I’m sorry about that, Pittsburgh.  That is until I got postcard #7 in this post.  Now, I want to go ride the Duquesne Incline!  I also want to ride a Harley and a cherrypicker, but I digress.  This card is from Gary who picked it up on a visit to Pittsburgh.  I just noticed it has a Bart Simpson postage stamp!  Fun!

I wish I was on this train surrounded by these beautiful cherry trees in bloom!  In this 8th postcard that I’m showing you today, she tells us that the “Ali Mountain is one of the most beautiful mountains in Taiwan.  It’s famous for beautiful forests, railway (local, small ones) clouds (sunrise) and cherry trees.”  She says the flower season lasts until the end of March and that cherry trees grow better in colder weather. 

This 9th card was the 1st one she’d ever sent out!  I love getting 1st cards!  They make me feel special.  I also love sending cards that may get there and be the first they receive!  What fun!  This card is from the Netherlands from Houhy (I think that’s what it says). 

Hope you enjoyed the postcrossing love!

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  1. Chris says:

    Hi Sharon, I’ve been on the Duquesne Incline and loved it! Pittsburgh is a really cool city and of course there are the Pittsburgh Steelers who are my fave football team. This sounds strange when you have to know I live about an hour from Philly and should be an Eagles fan but I’m most certainly not!!!! Loved all the post cards.

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