Look in the Shadows


While I was out trying to find redbud leaves today, I spotted these iris’.  They are deep in the shadows of some overgrowth.  I had no idea they were there!  I don’t even remember if I ever knew they were there.  I’ve lived here more than 20 years now and I don’t remember ever seeing them.  I’ll have to check back to see if they bloom and when.  I didn’t find the redbud leaves, I don’t think.

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1 Response to Look in the Shadows

  1. pamq says:

    Now isn’t that fun?

    There is a little patch of iris that I have found out on one of my walking routes—I think there must have been a house there at one time ages ago as there are also some lilac bushes.

    Every year I wait for those iris to bloom…..

    And every year I can’t remember what color they are until they bloom…..

    And every year after they bloom, I tell myself that I will remember what color they were………..

    Oh, it is hell to get old.

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