Projects on the Horizon


When I came home from Oklahoma the other day, I made a quick stop at Quilt Country.  It’s one of my favorite places.  Many of my favorite people work there or shop there, so I never know who will be there to make me smile.  This time, I got to see Eileen. 

I had gone to find some tea towel embroidery patterns that my friend Debbie had been working on.  I didn’t see them, but I did find these darling Christmas stockings!  Just so happens that there were three of them and I happen to have three grandchildren.  What are the odds?  So, I snapped them up! 

Since these children have been born, I’ve wanted to make special Christmas stockings no fewer than once a year — so that would be a least 10 times, maybe more.  Their momma didn’t want me to make special stockings for them.  She wanted to buy them a new one each year.  So, I didn’t make them special stockings.  That didn’t stop me from buying the supplies to make special stockings each time I ran across ones I wanted to make.  I know that somewhere around this house or in storage, there are a few beautiful patterns for felt Christmas stockings.  Or did I sell them years ago?

Now, their daddy wants me to make special stockings.  Since last Christmas, I’ve already changed my mind twice about what type to make them.  Lord, help me!

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