You can help a Hungry Child — Hurry Ends Soon

I’m having a sale in my etsy shopJust for you!  If you see something you want and you buy it, with this coupon code — THANKYOU10 — you will get 10% off of the cost of the item.  It’s good on everything in my shop at the moment.  You do have to remember to use the coupon code though or you won’t get the discount. 

Now the extra good news is that all of the money you spend to buy my merchandise right now will go to feed hungry American children!  So, if you happen to buy the Grace prayer/worry beads for $50 and use the coupon code, you’d get them for $45!  If you live in Texas, you will pay tax on this and there is the postage, of course, but the $45 will go to my local chapter of No Kid Hungry which happens to be my local food bank.

There is a small catch.  Several of the listings in my shop will expire very soon, in just a couple of days.  The rest will expire on the 11th of April.  After that, I’ll be adding new items to the shop and maybe relisting some of these, but the sale will be over.  Hurry and help hungry children in America.

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