One of the Very Best Days of the Year!

Opening day for the Texas Rangers — Baseball that is!!!  It’s a home game against the Boston Red Sox and I am thrilled that it’s finally here.  The last two years, I got opening day tickets and couldn’t attend.  So this year, I didn’t even try to get them.  I’m home and I could have gone to the game.  It’s a glorious day for a baseball game!  Temperatures in the 80’s, sun shining and slight breeze.  It’s beautiful.  I cannot wait for the game to start.  Which happens to be about 34 minutes from now!  Talk to you soon.  I’m off to see what’s happening on Ranger’s live…..

4/1/11 Just down the road from my house!

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One Response to One of the Very Best Days of the Year!

  1. Bee says:

    When I was a child, my grandparents lived in Ft. Worth. One of THE events of the summer was going to a Rangers game.
    Funny to read this today, because I am going to TEXAS tomorrow! Cannot wait for that sunshine.

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