The Before and the After

The top photo is the “before”.  Meaning that I have not cropped it as yet.  I took this photo on Friday.  When I passed by the first time, the bluebonnets were pristine.  I decided to stop on my way home to take the photo of them.  I wish I had stopped when I had first seen them today because someone had the bright idea of stopping to take a photo of a person in the bluebonnets.  Now, there is a saying here among us Texans about doing the “bluebonnet squat” and this is why.  Click on this photo to see the problem more clearly.

after the butt print is cropped out


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3 Responses to The Before and the After

  1. Was it really a butt? or is it just an expression? sorry if I seem silly…

  2. pamq says:

    Oh that is just terrific!!!

    You sure made me laugh, Sharon!!!

    When I had a gift shop in a very touristy town years ago, I was closed on Sundays and I would always come to work on Mondays and find nose prints on my glass door…..

    And every once in awhile…..lip prints as well!

    But never any butt prints…..

    Thank goodness. 😉

  3. Sherry Smyth says:

    Well now, I do believe I know where the photograph for my beautiful post card was taken!!

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