My Most Recent Postcrossing Mail


Postcard #1 says very little.  “Hello Sharon!  Best wish from Ukraine!  Happy Postcrossing!  The photo on the card is of a 17th century Monestary, but unfortunately, they covered the rest of the description with a sticker so I can’t tell you any more than that.  It sure is beautiful!


Postcard #2 made me laugh out loud when I got it.  It’s sent from Nashville, TN.  Rachel says that she’s planning a vacation to Canada in August.  She will be staying on the beach then, but she doesn’t think the beaches of Lake Huron will be this “exotic”.  Fun!  Now, I know what I want to do when I get to be a little old lady!  (wink)


This postcard (#3) is an old one!  It was printed in 1981 and is of a church that is almost 900 years old!  The card is from Russia.  Beautiful!


Number 4 is actually a photograph.  Pretty cool!  I had forgotten that you could send a photo through the mail like that.  I may start stocking up on some of my favorite photos, just in case I run out of postcards.  This “postcard” is from Germany.  I wish he had told me something about the lighthouse, but the only thing written on the card is “Happy Postcrossing” and his name, which I can’t make out. 

#5     4/6/11

Photo #5 shows the postcard and the envelope it came in.  I like the bird stamps.  The postcard is of an “afternoon at the east gate of Xi’an city wall while playing Mahjong”.  It was sent by Baggio who says that he is currently living in Xi’an, China and studying Deutsch (Dutch).  He also says that “Mahjong is kind of a Chinese card game”.  I would have described it as something like dominoes or maybe Scrabble, I think.  The photo looks like they have pieces on a little frame like you would set Scrabble tiles on. 

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  1. So much fun with Snail Mail 😉

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