A Little Howdy Do!

The momentum is still going.  Yesterday, my hubby was feeling poorly, so I didn’t do any cleaning and de-cluttering.  (I did run a lot of paper through the shredder though.)  Wanted to let him rest.  So, I spent the day ordering items on moo.  We’ll talk more about all of that when my order arrives. 


Today, I was busy working on the house some more and I totally forgot to take a photo again.  I realized this before midnight, so I looked around for something to take a photo of and share with you.  These are several postcard books that I got recently with part of a Half Priced Books gift card.  I love to have a large supply of different types of postcards on hand for my postcrossing mail.  Now, I have lots more to choose from!  I even found some on Saturday in part of my cleaning.  I didn’t stop to look to see what kinds there were in my new-found stash.  I’ll check them out later.  Tomorrow, I’ll be cleaning more and running errands.  I’ll put the camera in my purse so I don’t forget it.  Otherwise, you guys are going to get really bored soon with around-the-house photos.

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