A Couple of Retreat Photos

This is where we went for our quilting retreat.  It’s on a lovely little patch of land with a couple of great little ponds.  We get to see a bit of wildlife while there.  Always fun.  There were baby ducks this time!  Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a photo of them.  This is my favorite location for a retreat, to date.  It’s closer to my house than any of the others I’ve been to, there is plenty of room for each of us to sew and we get bedrooms for two people, each with its own bathroom. 


I finished my “Grief” quilt while I was there.  It is full of raw edges and ripped fabric.  Each of the fabric colors represents a stage of grief.  The wild directions represent the emotions you go through while grieving.  The spots of yellow represent healing, but each one has black thread sewn through it to represent the fact that healing is difficult and full of sadness.  The heart is made of black thread.  I just unspooled it and placed it on the quilt.  Then I sewed all over it to secure the heart.  It’s black and bruised, but if you look closely,  you can see the other colors of grief peaking through the threads to show that there are moments of lessened sadness.  Healing will take place.  There is no batting in this little quilt.  It’s just the layers of fabric.  The binding is also raw edges. 

I did finish the memorial quilt for Angie also, but I won’t share that with you until she has it in her hands. 
I found heart-shaped rocks while I was there too.  (Yes, I’m drinking cokes again.  A constant battle for me.  I got hooked on them again during the last drive up to Oklahoma.  I guess, in the long run, I’d prefer to be alive and awake than off of the cokes.)
I didn’t take many projects with me to this retreat.  So, after I finished what I really wanted to complete, I worked on more mini pineapple blocks.  I really regretted not taking more choices of things to work on, but in the end, it was a good thing I didn’t take more.  I had to leave the retreat early due to back spasms.  I didn’t even go to the family reunion yesterday because of them.  I’m trying to get in touch with my doctor now.  They are happening fairly frequently lately.  Not good.  I did have a wonderful time at the retreat.  It was amazingly fun for me.  I really needed it. 
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  1. charlane says:

    oh no about the back spasms!! i hope they can give you some relief. it looks like you did some beautiful work though!

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