With Permission — The Memorial Quilt

This quilt was made from the clothes that the precious little boy would have worn and of the blankets he would have used, if he had lived. 

4/14/11 #1

The first photo is of what I consider to be the back of the quilt.  It has the pieces of several of his little outfits and one of his receiving blankets. 

4/14/11 #2

The second photo shows the front of the quilt.  It has the little outfit that the baby would have worn home from the hospital, plus his little footprints and his birth information.  It is all appliqued onto another of his little receiving blankets.  The outfit is in its entirety.  It’s three-dimensional.  The little feet are floppy where the toes would have gone.  I just couldn’t cut up this outfit. 

This project was incredibly difficult for me to work on.  Possibly, it would have been easier if I had not known the parents and other family members, but I doubt it.  Death is sad.  The death of a baby is almost unbearable.  It took me an extremely long time to make this little quilt.  Far longer than it should have taken.  I know that the amount of time it took was an extra burden on the parents of this precious little boy.  I am profoundly sorry about that.  
I’ve learned something from this project.  I’ve learned that this is not the type of quilt I’ll ever do again.  I’m grateful that I was finally of some small help to these parents, who I know and love, but I won’t put myself through this type of project again.  I won’t do it to myself or to the loved ones who would want the quilt.  I’m grateful for the lessons learned and for whatever amount of comfort I have provided. 
Thank God it is complete and in their hands.   
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4 Responses to With Permission — The Memorial Quilt

  1. Chris says:

    This is indeed a very beautiful quilt and I can understand how you feel about making it. The loss of any child, under any circumstances is unbearable as well as unnatural. I can’t imagine how heart breaking that must be. You are a good person Sharon for making this quilt for the parents. I’m don’t think I’d be able to do it. I’m sure you shed more than a few tears while you were doing it. You are truly an understanding and very caring soul. The world is in dire need of more like you.

  2. Sharon, Such a heartbreaking post. The love you put into your work shows and I know the parent of this little are so grateful for you to have done this for them. A beautiful quilt made with love and tears and soul.

  3. Crystal says:

    I make custom memorial quilts professionally and feel for you on the sadness of making a quilt with a baby’s clothing. I started my business after my DIL asked me to make a quilt for her mom from her dad’s clothes. It never crossed my mind initially that I might be called upon to create quilts from a young person’s clothing, let alone a child or baby. Bless you for creating this beautiful little quilt as a comfort for the family.

  4. pamq says:

    So sad.

    I can imagine how difficult this was for you to work on, but hopefully the quilt will comfort the parents in years to come…….

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