Work in Progress


I’m not finished with this little quilt, but my friend Debbie asked about it, so I thought I’d go ahead and share it with you.  I’m hand quilting it in the “kantha” method.  Or at least as close to a kantha stitch as I usually manage.  I first saw kantha stitching on the blog Spirit Cloth.  It’s become a favorite way for me to stitch and be creative.  I love the orange fabric and the “dance with your soul” quote.  I first read that phrase on the blog Ornamental.  I emailed Nina and asked for permission to use it in a little quilt.  A friend of hers actually used the phrase on Nina’s blog, so I emailed her too.  It’s always so great when you are given permission to use something seen somewhere else.  I’m sure I’ll add a lot more stitching to this little quilt and seeing it in the photo shows me that I really need to add more blue too. 

I’m headed up to spend Easter with my son and grandchildren.  I hope you have wonderful weekend and a blessed Easter.  I’ll post again when I return, if not before.

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2 Responses to Work in Progress

  1. charlane says:

    i think this is great! love the orange and blue together

  2. pamq says:

    Yes, those colors are groovy!

    Nice stitching too! Are your hands holding up??

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